Getting Your Hopes Down

Finally, we have a majority in both houses and the man with some sort of grandiose and master plan in the white house.  By “we” I mean the lumpy and uneasy stereotype of 2000’s liberals… limousine transported celebs dripping with guilt, ex-hippies who sport the ponytail and possess some vinyl as proof, Blacks, LGBT, the working class, a big chunk of the middle class, etc.

As a result, there has been a growing collective musing of change and hope.  Every time you turned on the TV on Tuesday, when Obama wasn’t speaking, a random reporter had a microphone shoved in the face of a person at the inauguration or at some random bar during the inauguration.  Everyone was talking about how historic the day was and how happy they were to be witnessing it.  But there was something else that they weren’t saying that was pretty apparent.  It was written all over their faces in permanent marker.  It was being said leading all of the way up to Tuesday.  It was the underlying feeling that this was a new day.  The collective notion that Barack Obama is going to go into the White House, turn over the chairs, smear paint on the walls and do everything differently.  The unified belief that he will somehow have enough retardant and water to put out all of the fires that were mostly set by the previous administration and have been burning uncontrollably for the past several years.

This scares me…

As much as I do like President Obama and what he has the potential to accomplish, I won’t hold my breath that everything is going to change overnight… over the next few weeks… or even over the next 4 years.  To me, the state of the country is a lot like the way the credit scoring system works.  A wrong turn here and there with regard to paying your obligations and you are looking at paying 500 dollars a month with an abhorrent interest rate  for a lemon of a car at Joe’s Auto Sales where “Everyone gets Financed… yes even you.”  It may take a couple of epochs before you can set foot inside of a “respectable” dealership and a couple of more before you are able to think about buying a house without a formidable hint of sarcasm.  Conversely, the previous administration had a forever and then some to put all kinds of negative things on the nation’s credit.  Those marks don’t get erased overnight with pink end of a charismatic and eager president’s pencil of change.  He is going to have to be pressing down hard, blowing the shavings away and repeating for a loooong time.

To his credit, he has stated in so many words that he isn’t Santa Claus.  Changes aren’t going to appear in your living room tomorrow morning in exchange for dangerously warm milk and hardening cookies.  But if I know anything, I know that we as a citizenry are fickle and possess zero patience.  We are a heaping helping of people with ADD.  So when people wake up in the morning all excited and run downstairs to see no presents of change under the hopemas tree, I think that they may be disappointed.  When people wake up over the next few years and don’t see large presents, their ADD will disallow them to remember that President Obama said that these things take lots of time.  And if they wake up in four years and the winds of change haven’t hit at least category 3 force… if  all of the negative that the previous 8 years has brought hasn’t been completely erased, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those who were so excited before vote to take the pencil from his hand and give it to another person so that they can reset their stopwatches.


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